Quinta dos Vales

Quinta dos Vales


Active and yet relaxed, dynamic but still serene. Opposite approaches towards the same goal: quality. Quinta dos Vales is a synonym for quality in all its endeavours. Whether it be our conservative attitude to wine production or the unique combination of wine and art the goal remains always the same. Customer satisfaction is the minimum we aim to achieve whether it be in the area of wine, art, events or enotourism. Our company's activity is split into several areas: Wine, Art, Rentals, Activities and Events.


Our Wine

In a very short time Quinta dos Vales has managed to become one of the leading wine producers in the up-coming Algarve wine market. Our Award-Winning Wines have quickly found their way to the top, celebrating extensive national and international success with over 50 medals and awards and many great reviews by professional periodicals and wine critics. Our brand “Marquês dos Vales”represents the top in Algarve wine through an ample variety. In our range of “Selecta”“Primeira Selecção” and “Grace Vineyard” or simply “Grace” you will find both red, rosé and white wines. Our wine philosophy is driven by one sole guiding criteria: Quality.


Our Art

Art and wine have always had a close relationship, but they have never been closer than at Quinta dos Vales' Experience & Event Centre where our stunning sculptures can be enjoyed together with high quality award-wining wines. In our several garden locations you will find an exhibition of well over a hundred pieces in different styles, materials and sizes, some up to 5m in hight. Most of the sculptures are from our own design while others are developed in partnership with local artists and friends.

A lot has already been written about our art exhibits and large sculpture collection. Learn about what makes our art projects so interesting in the sections below.

The ideas behind our unique art are the same that drive the evolution of wine, both are linked to the traditional but also explore new experiences, limits and directions. The artist Karl Heinz Stock designed most of the sculptures that can be seen around the property, which are produced with the assistance of KHSculptureGroup's craftsmen in his studio near Silves where his models are turned under his supervision into the final pieces that can be enjoyed throughout the grounds.



Come and visit Quinta dos Vales free of charge or, if you prefer, join us on a Guided Tour through the fields, sculpture Gardens and, everyone's favorite, visiting the farm animals. A guided wine tasting tour is also an option which can be enjoyed along with some tapas or even lunch or dinner, with your friends.

Quinta dos Vales is open from Monday to Friday and every 2nd Saturday of each month, 9:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 18:00; except bank holidays for visits and shopping.

Wine tastings by the glass are available at any time during weekdays

Larger groups, can be accomodated by prior appointment, subject to availability.



Quinta dos Vales' event venues adhere to the overall concept of our multi-functional entertainment and leisure environment. We could host a private executive meeting in “The 4 Seasons” while simultaneously hosting a wedding celebration in our Sculpture Gardens, in Sala de Prova or in the Panoramic Terrace overlooking the vineyards. Both groups would have complete privacy due to the spaciousness of Quinta dos Vales. At the same time even a noisy sculpture workshop could take place in "Casa Artista" which is so distant from the other event locations that it would not even be heard.